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Information Sheet for Marquee Poles

The following information has been supplied to us from TRADA TECHNOLOGY:

"In terms of shrinkage splits, these are not generally a problem in round timber and these are a natural consequence of the drying due to the greater shrinkage experienced in the circumferential direction compared to the radius. Examination of any telegraph pole will demonstrate the ability of round poles to develop significant fissuring without causing significant structural weakness. However as a guideline we would consider that the cumulative depth of fissures across any diameter of the pole should not exceed 50% of the pole across section when measured using a 0.2mm feeler gauge (approximately post card thickness)."

Our comments are:

All our marquee king poles and ridge poles, species; Norwegian whitewood picea abies are treated with a water based fungicide. These poles are then painted with 2 coats of Sigma Torno semi-gloss. Poles that are requested not painted, we advise these to be treated with a protective coating as soon after delivery as possible.


Poles that are requested not painted, we cannot accept any liability for excessive splitting and shakes that may occur. We advise that the poles are treated as above.

Storage and handling:

Marquee poles will last if properly cared for. We suggest that the poles are stored out of direct sunlight and sheltered from prevailing winds. Any excessive conditions, especially heat, are detrimental to the standard of the pole. Poles should be carefully handled and stacked correctly at all times including during transit.

The above comments and information are guidelines only.